Trafalgar Lighting

Trafalgar Lighting is my current full time job where in undertake all the jobs within a theatre/entertainment environment.

We supply the Christmas lights for  Canary Wharf Group, Milton Keynes Theatre District and Vanguard Storage amongst others.

We specialise in installing lighting, sound, power and drapes in all venues, especially schools.



Some Photos from various jobs we have done:

A Moving truss grid installed at forest school north London, the grid has built in truss warmers in red, 24 ways of dimming, 8 ways of hard power and DMX outputs on.
This is a sign we cleaned up and re wired for new low voltage LED lighting, for a restaurant near canary wharf.
This is a picture of a custom outdoor lighting point we put in to light up a cross outside a church in Hackney, we also installed a timer control to run this.
This is Lightning McQueen from the film Cars, we provided him and all his friends with power during the canary wharf Motor show.

These included Bentley/BMW and Land rover.

A picture from the gala night of canary wharf's ice rink (2011-2012) we put in all power and lighting for the rink and also Mini city colours to light the rink for the gala everning.
Milton Keynes Theatre district for Christmas (2011-2012)
Another moving truss grid install with drapes including chromakey drapes, very large projection screen and Arri Fresnel's for a new TV studio
A photo of the new drapes for the Girl Guides association in london, these are at the front of there small theatre

Vanguard storages rather large trees on the A40 were given the festival look.
An acoustic curtain was added to the stage at the Hideaway Jazz club in london.
A projector and drapes we supplied to a Nursery in south london to help keep the children entertained and then take away the light for nap time.